Mullaloo Heights Primary School is designated as a Local Intake School.The School Education Act 1999 guarantees a place for every child in the compulsory years of schooling (PP to Year 6) in their local school. 

To enrol at Mullaloo Heights Primary School there are a number of eligibility requirements. These include:

  • Resident in the local intake area:  The school has places for students who currently reside within the boundaries of the Mullaloo Primary School local intake area, as has been determined by the Department of Education.  Parents of children not residing within the local intake are invited to complete the Application for Enrolment form only, for consideration by the Principal.  Eligibility for entry will be dependent upon positions available within the school. This is determined by the Principal factoring in future growth and the establishment of precedents.
  • Proof of address: Proof of address must be provided at the time of application with originals sighted. Acceptable proof of addresses include: Utility Bill, Council Rates Notice, Water Rates, Lease Agreement or Contract of Sale.
  • Age: A birth certificate or extract of birth or passport must accompany the application for enrolment. Students will be placed in the year of study corresponding to their age group.  Please note that for Kindergarten entry, the child must turn four years of age on or before 30 June in the year of entry. Children who do not meet this requirement will not be accepted for enrolment.
  • Special Needs: Parents of students with special needs are asked to contact the school to discuss these needs when the application for enrolment has been approved to ensure that the most appropriate program is in place to meet the student’s needs.
  • Overseas Students: Students who were born overseas must hold the appropriate Visa before applying at the school. For overseas students who are in Australia using an entry Visa, it is necessary that the office sights the original passport and Visa, of the parent (primary Visa holder) and student at the time of application for enrolment.
  • Immunisation Records: The school must sight a copy of each student’s immunisation records at the time of application for enrolment. An updated copy of your child’s immunisation may be obtained by calling 1800 653 809 or online at www.humanservices.gov.au.

Enrolment Documents

*Please complete all of the following documents and return to the School Office.  These forms can also be emailed directly to the School to mullalooheights.ps@education.wa.edu.au

** If you reside outside of the school catchment area, please only complete the "Application for Enrolment" and submit with a copy of your child's Birth Certificate and History of Immunisation from Medicare

Voluntary Contributions and Charges

Uniform Price List/ Order Form

** Please note: Parents are to pucrchase uniforms directly from Uniform Concepts in Joondalup

27 Charonia Road
Mullaloo WA 6027

Phone: (08) 6206 2100

Email: mullalooheights.ps@education.wa.edu.au