YouthCARE Chaplain

What does a YouthCARE Chaplain Do?

At YouthCARE we believe school chaplaincy matters. By focusing on the wellbeing of students, parents and teachers in WA school communities, we’re making a real difference to educational outcomes.

CARER: Providing pastoral care, beingther for the whole school community, showing people that they matter.

CHRISTIAN: Representing the churches in the local area, providing a Christian presence, a chaplain is not in a formal religious teaching role, but rather a pastoral role, representing the rights of individuals and their belief systems.

HELPER: The Chaplain’s role is not just about helping kids. Our initiatives support teachers, parents and the whole community. The chaplain empowers people to grow, celebrating their successes, giving high fives and hope, helping students to develop resilience to work through challenges.

ACCESSIBLE: When things do go pear shaped, it’s about being there, helping and working with the school’s student services teams to make a meaningful difference.

AVAILABLE: Children, parents and teachers can make appointments to see the chaplain and talk through issues. Where necessary, the chaplain will refer them to appropriate external bodies and/pr organisations for further assistance. The chaplain is also available as an extra resource for teachers.

PEACEMAKER: Relationships matter, therefore the chaplain can play an important role in mediation and conflict resolution.

PROGRAM FACILITATOR: The chaplain is involved in various programs that support learning and academic progress, making a difference to educational outcomes – all because our schools matter.

LISTENER: The chaplain is a listening ear in times of need and will keep confidentiality as required in pastoral care situations. However, any concerns that may relate to any form of ‘abuse’ or where a child may be ‘at risk’, are reported to the Principal, as required by the Department of Education and the law.

ACTIVITY ORGANISER: Being involved in regular school activities such as outings, carnivals, assemblies, special events and camps enables the chaplain to get to know students, their parents and the teachers. It also builds the foundation of trust.

INDIVIDUAL'S DEFENDER: Chaplains value each person in the school community and understand the importance of individuals, respecting and honouring the diversity of views among the communities they are serving, reaching out to those in need by providing holistic services aimed at inspiring hope.

NOT A TEACHER: Teachers have process, discipline and system guidelines to work through, chaplains have a role to provide pastoral care an build relationships with students, teachers and parents. Chaplains can come along side students, informally and non-intrusively, so that they can develop trust and a confidence in knowing that there is someone independent to turn to.

Our School Chaplain, Miss Taryn Pittard, is funded through the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program (NSCSWP).

Miss Pittard is avilable on Mondays and Tuesdays.

27 Charonia Road
Mullaloo WA 6027

Phone: (08) 6206 2100